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Pharmacogenetics – Level 3

This lesson will provide an overview of pharmacogenetics and its importance in medical practice.


1. Advanced Course: Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice

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This advanced course is designed for healthcare professionals interested in integrating pharmacogenomics (PGx) into their clinical practice. The course will cover various topics, including PGx billing, informed shared decision-making, ethical and legal considerations, laboratory and implementation considerations, informatics and clinical decision support design, genomic literacy, learning experiences incorporating PGx, precepting a PGx project, and an overview of PGx databases. The course will provide healthcare professionals with practical knowledge and skills to implement PGx testing in their clinical practice effectively.

2. Advanced Course: Real-world examples of pharmacogenetic testing

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By reviewing real-world examples, you can better understand how pharmacogenetic testing is being used in clinical practice and the potential benefits it can offer patients. Additionally, you can gain insights into how to interpret and apply genetic test results in a personalized and effective way for each individual patient.

3. Advanced Course: Case studies involving pharmacogenetic testing

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Examples of case studies involving pharmacogenetic testing.

4. Advanced Course: Pharmacogenetics in Clinical Practice

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We will discuss how pharmacogenetics is used in clinical practice to help personalize patient care and improve treatment outcomes. We will explore the basic concepts of pharmacogenetics, the role of pharmacogenetics in drug metabolism, the application of pharmacogenetics in clinical practice, and the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding the use of pharmacogenetics.

5. Advanced Course: Implementing pharmacogenomics (PGx)

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Implementing pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing in clinical practice requires a structured approach to ensure that healthcare providers are well-informed about the potential benefits and limitations and can effectively integrate PGx information into their clinical decision-making process.

6. Advanced Course: Introduction: Pharmacogenetic testing is an essential tool

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Pharmacogenetic testing is an essential tool that helps healthcare providers personalize drug therapy to optimize its effectiveness and minimize adverse drug reactions. The interpretation of genetic test results can be complex and may require specialized knowledge, which could lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations. This handout will provide an overview of the different methods used for analyzing and interpreting pharmacogenetic test results and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

7. Advanced Course: PGx testing participant guide

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This guide has been created to help you understand and navigate the pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing process.

8. Advanced Course: Participant manual for the PGx

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This manual will cover the topics related to PGx testing: Informed Shared Decision Making, Ethical/Legal/Social Implications, Laboratory Considerations, Implementation Considerations, Informatics/Clinical Decision Support Design, Genomic Literacy, and an Overview of PGX Databases.