Inspirational Story


In November 2018, My healthy-looking father was sent to the emergency room for heavy chest pains. During the visit, doctors told us he needed an emergency high-risk heart operation. Long story short, his chances of survival were slim to none. He survived the operation thus did not survive the recovery. He passed away on December 2, 2018. RIP.

My father had zero warnings or notice of metabolic disease, we were caught off-guard, to say the least. In his 66 years of life, none of his doctors ever diagnosed him with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that attacks the collagen in your organs. Genetic testing can detect Marfan and many more genetic variations.

Innovative GX is much more than a business venture, it is my legacy, allowing the team at IG, to help others by providing precise health information in an accurate and timely manner. This is why I have invested all my funds into building a CLIA, COLA certified laboratory using the latest technologies on the planet, with a world-renowned scientist advisory board, serving doctors and patients all over the nation.

Enrique Perez-Paris