Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Enrique Perez-Paris, MSIT, MS, BBA

Co-Founder / CEO

Enrique Perez-Paris serves as President and CEO of Innovative Gx Laboratories. He has extensive experience in all business operations, from the development of new business ideas and increasing revenue from underperforming operations, to growing large physicians’ networks. In addition to his leadership roles, he also has demonstrated his skills and knowledge in the fields of IT systems, business marketing tools, and project management in corporate development.

Diego Sánchez

Co-Founder / CFO

Diego serves as Partner and CFO of Innovative Gx Laboratories. His business development background pairs with the vision and mission of the company. His experience in management and finance in different sectors brings versatility to his demanding role in leading the industry of diagnostics forward. His previous positions as finance manager and finance director in the advertising, financial, and trade industries contribute to his success as a partner in planning and envisioning what lies ahead in the evolution of the company.

Monica Witt

HR Manager

Monica Witt, PHR, FPC, with over 20 combined years in Payroll and Human Resources, serves as Innovative Gx Human Resources Manager assisting with compensation, payroll, benefits and employment legal issues. Monica works as a collaborative leader to introduce solutions to meet organizational goals and provides training in areas of laboratory compliance, diversity, policies and procedures to create a positive work environment.

Science and Management Team

Pejman Rahimian, PhD, HCDL(ABB), MLS(ASCP)

Laboratory Director (Scientific Team)

Pejman Rahimian is the Innovative Gx Laboratory Director and has extensive experience in molecular diagnostics, genetics, microbiology, and immunology. His clinical testing accomplishments include the development of numerous testing procedures using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR, real-time, RT, isothermal), single-molecule array (SiMoA), Next-Generation Sequencing, Mass Array, and immunoassays. Dr. Rahimian earned his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas Health Science Center and received his post-doctoral training at the UT Southwestern Medical Center before joining Innovative Gx Laboratories.

Alaa Ali, B.S, MAA-HA

Head General Supervisor / Lab Manager (Scientific/Management Team)

Alaa Ali is our Innovative Gx Laboratory Supervisor. She has her master’s in business administration and over 10 years of extensive clinical experience working in laboratories as a staff scientist in the fields of infectious disease, clinical chemistry and assays, as well as laboratory quality control and healthcare administration.

Sally Camacho, M.S.

Operations Manager

Sally serves as Innovative Gx Laboratories’ Assistant Manager and supports all laboratory operations including client services, quality management, purchasing, and the processing of patient specimens. Sally received her M.S. degree in Biochemistry at the University of the Rio Grande Valley and is presently pursuing her Ph.D. studies in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Luis Hernandez

Molecular Technologist - Lead in Lab Operations

Luis Hernandez serves as a Lead Molecular Technologist at Innovative Genomics. He received his Bachelors in Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. His role in the lab entails performing Infectious Disease and PGx testing, Quality Control, and validations of numerous testing procedures while providing leadership to his lab team.

Finance Team

Juan Leal

Controller in Finance

Juan C Leal, with over 25 years of experience in Finance, Taxes and Audit, serves as Innovative Gx Financial Controller. He is a public accountant and lawyer, with a master’s in business administration. His previous experiences contribute to improve internal control environment, assess key processes, accuracy on financial results, efficiencies on treasury activities, optimize taxes, preparation/monitoring forecast-budgeting, among other things. His job generates key info that help leaders to monitor the Company’s performance, results, and growth.

Tulio Farias

Administrative Assistant in Finance

Tulio serves as Administrative Assistant and Analyst Support on the Finance Department at Innovative Gx Laboratories. His growing experience as an accountant helps the team to monitor insurance claims and partially taking care of in-house billing and collections. His attention to minor details, communication skills, and technical knowledge on financial tools/software/platforms contribute to the company’s internal control.