Pharmacogenomics: A Tool Driving Precision Medicine

Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Care

Learn how advancements in Pharmacogenomics can help you better manage your patient’s medication treatment plans.

Reduce Medications.

PGx testing equips physicians with a tool to enhance effective treatment decisions, potentially minimize the risk of adverse drug reactions, maximize efficacy, and reduce “trial and error” dosing and drug selection.

Improve Effectiveness.

PGx testing provides insight into how patients may respond to certain medications based on DNA variants that affect pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Identify the Best Treatment.

PGx test is a useful tool to provide insight into drug response and to guide the appropriate medication selection and optimal medication dose that will maximize efficacy, minimize side effects, and reduce “trial and error” prescribing.

Pharmacogenomics: A Tool Driving Precision Medicine

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