What is it?

PGx testing is a series of laboratory tests that study your DNA sequences to help you better manage the medicine you take. It can give you and your doctor valuable information on how your body is reacting or metabolizing your prescribed medications and if you may have a severe or life threatening reaction to a future medicine. Sometimes, medicines do not work well for a variety of reasons such as age, gender, ethnicity, or overall wellness. Your DNA and its genetic sequences may also play a strong role in determining why your medicine is not working for you.

What Do the Results Tell Me?

There will be a report with information about how my DNA will react to specific medicines that are commonly prescribed. You can select a testing group for such medications that are prescribed in the treatment of many health conditions such as: Once your doctor receives your results, you will be able to personalize what medicine works best according to your DNA or how you will react to a new drug.

How Do I Get Started?

Please register here to receive more information on our panels of tests that we offer or speak to your doctor to order our test. Our test is a simple mouth swab that is done in your doctor’s office and sent to our laboratory. We are CLIA and COLA certified and offer quick 6-8 hour results on many of our testing. Innovative Genomics offers over 50 genes and 200 gene variants to identify through PGx testing, making us one of the growing leaders in the amount and superior quality testing in the pharmacogenetic laboratory field. We are here to help you stop trying medicines that are not working and support you in finding the best personalized medicine for your DNA.

Testing Panels
Offered by Innovative Genomics

We offer the largest selection of DNA screening for prescribing medicine (over 60 genetic sequences and over 200 gene variants) in the treatment areas of:
Quality and dependable service for all our testing panels with quick results.

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Frequently Asked Questions about


Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) is a new approach at looking at a person’s body composition and using the information to understand and forecast how it will react to certain medicine prescribed by your doctor. If your medicine is not working well for you, there might be a chance that your DNA may be a source of the problem. PGx testing is a simple laboratory test that is offered through doctors to determine if your genes may be a part of why your medical prescription does not work well or if it causes other negative side effects.

By having PGx testing, your doctor will know what medicine will work best for you according to your genetic sequences in your DNA. Genes within your DNA may have some slight changes that affect how your body will react and processes your medication. A PGx test will determine if a medication is working well for you or if it may be causing some drug interactions. If a doctor has information about your DNA through PGx testing, you should have better results tailoring your medicine for the maximum effectiveness and remove drug/gene interactions according to how your DNA will react with the medicines available for your condition.

Modern approaches to prescribing medicine differ greatly from doctor to doctor, but most physicians tend to treat patients starting with medicines that treat a broad spectrum of symptoms. In the case of antibiotics, doctors will start with an antibiotic that will treat a large group of bacterial infections. If the treatment does not work, the doctor will switch to another antibiotic until they find one that is effective for their patient. If antibiotics continuously fail, doctors will often at that point ask for specific PGx testing to see what is exactly causing this infection. This broad spectrum approach to prescription medicine often leads to the ineffective use of medicines (close to 50%). It can also unnecessarily expose your body to drugs you do not need (thus lowering your resistance to that drug/antibiotic when you do need it), or it can be harmful as it wastes valuable treatment time, and can be very expensive as you rule out ineffective treatments. PGx testing saves you valuable time in your treatment and stops the trial and error approach by identifying in the beginning what is the best medicine available to you based on how your genes will react to the medication.

Your doctor will take a mouth swab from you in their office and send it to our laboratory. The testing takes about 6-8 hours depending on the test. Your results will be sent in a digital report for them to share with you and plan your future treatment.

Your laboratory results will be sent in a report to your doctor. It will show the genes that were involved in the test, and how they will react to medicine in your treatment. The doctor will use these results to plan exactly which medication will work the best based on how your body’s genes will react to the medicine and if there are any drug reactions.

How We Bill For Our Innovative PgX Test

When our laboratory receives your sample, we figure out what you will owe and what your insurance will pay.

If your costs will be over $430, we will call you and talk to you about our laboratory options to pay the out-of-pocket amount.

We will email you a bill for your laboratory tests and what insurance is estimated to pay. Our laboratory will process your test and will send you updates along the way. If your insurance does not cover the test or you are not insured, we are happy to offer several options to help you get the test you need. Our laboratory is here to support you throughout this process!

The Innovative GX - Promise

Insurance can be complicated, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing what you’ll owe. We promise that if your cost could be more than $430, we’ll call you before we process your test.

What to Know About the Cost of an Innovative PGX Test

We Bill Your Insurance for the cost of the Innovative PGX test.

Medicare (Part B) Covered Tests — You will have a $0 out of pocket cost.

Medicare Advantage Covered Tests — You may be expected to cover a portion of the cost (typically $430 or less) and the Innovative GX Promise applies.

Medicaid — Typically, you will have a $0 out of pocket cost.

Commercial or Other Insurance — Plans vary, but you may be expected to cover a portion of the cost (typically $430 or less) and the Innovative GX Promise applies.


or less for their Innovative PGX test