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Our Solutions

InnovativeGx Laboratories specializes in molecular diagnostic testing for the medical community and their patients. InnovativeGX Laboratories is a Texas-based national laboratory that offers a wide range of molecular-based testing in the treatment of:

  • Pharmacogenetics (PGx)
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Infectious Disease
  • COVID-19

We offer the highest accuracy and quality in molecular diagnostics testing with 99+% accuracy on every test.  Our rapid delivery results take the stress and guesswork out of medical treatment plans. Our personalized service begins when you order the test, we share its progress through diagnostic testing, and when completed, our scientific staff will ensure you understand the results.  We offer personalized service through each step of the diagnostic testing program. InnovativeGx Laboratories’ goal is to make molecular testing for all your future medical decisions efficient, accurate, and easy to manage.

Our Technology

Gone are the days of outdated culturing of samples with long wait times and often inaccurate results. All of InnovativeGx Laboratories’ technologies are based on molecular diagnosis using real-time RT PCR and DNA sequencing, which is considered the gold standard in virus detection for our Respiratory Pathogen Panel, COVID-19 testing, and DNA based pharmacogenetic testing (PGX) in genetic-based treatment of patient care. Genetic screening, sequencing, multiplex technology, and computer analysis are rapidly performed by our large collection of cutting edge DNA/RNA instrumentation that allows our scientists to deliver highly accurate diagnostic results on the testing of your sample.

Our Diagnostics

Diagnosing health issues and conditions using molecular tools are what we do best. Our diagnostic services include:

  • Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing panels to help find medicines that work well utilizing your unique, genetic code which reduces adverse drug reactions,
  • Our Respiratory Pathogen (RespiDx) and Infectious Disease panels, and our highly-accurate RT PCR-based COVID testing.

InnovativeGx Laboratories testing panels examine each genetic sequence to identify the underlying problems and are the perfect diagnostic tool to ensure accuracy for an effective treatment. Molecular solutions use state-of-the-art technologies which make our diagnostic offerings a power tool in supporting your medical management and preventative care programs.